ILIRIA College and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung organized The International Conference: “15 Years of Peace-Building in Kosovo – Lessons Learned for the Region”

On 13, 14 and 15th June 2014, in Prishtina, held its proceedings the international conference “15 Years of Peace-Building in Kosovo – Lessons Learned for the Region”, under the organisation of ILIRIA College and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Conference was held on the occasion of the important jubilee of 15th anniversary of international intervention in Kosovo, which aimed at achieving peace and stability in the country and the region.

This conference, in its panel, gathered eminent figures which have followed and helped the peace-building and recovering of Kosovo, such as Former KFOR Commandant, NATO General Mr. Klaus Reinhardt, renowned political scientist and currently President of the Kosovo Foreign Policy Club Mr. Veton Surroi; foreign representatives in Kosovo Mr. Mathias Kiessler – Deputy German Ambassador in Kosovo, Mr. Wulf Lapins – Director of FES, Office in Prishtina; distinguished International Academics such as Prof. Michael Pugh – Emeritus Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Bradford (UK), Prof. Dr. Matthias K. Scheer LLM – witnessed expert of law field from University of Harvard; Mr. Jordan Plevnes – founder and rector of ESRA Paris-Skopje-New York University and many scholars, academics and researchers which addressed from different perspectives, issues and problems related to the topic of the conference.

Presentations of this conference offered data on the journey done, past and current challenges of Kosovo in the aspect of security, peace, legal aspect, economical, political, social, institutional, and so on. Conclusions and recommendations brought in the conference will be published and will be offered to state, research and academic institutions of Kosovo and of other countries as a referring material.

Day 1, 13 June 2014 (Conference Opening):

Opening Ceremony and Greeting Speeches:

- Z.Mixhait Reci, President of ILIRIA College
- Mr.Mathias Kiessler, Deputy German Ambassador in Kosovo

Key Note Speeches:

- Prod.Dr.Michael Pugh, Emeritus Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Bradford,
- Z.Veton Surroi, President of the Kosovo Foreign Policy Club,
- Z.Jordan Plevnes, Founder and Rector of the University of audiovisual arts, ESRA Paris-Skopje-New York

Open Discussion/Q&A:

- Moderator: Dr.Besa Luzha, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung