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The 1st International Conference on “Research and Education: Challenges toward the Future (ICRAE 2013)

Organizer:                  University of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi”, the Faculty of Educational  Sciencies; Partner:     ...

The 2nd Conference in Kosovo of the European Youth Parliament

European Youth Parliament is one of the creations of the European Council, which activities are extended in almost all European ...

The standard Albanian Language and the present situation of its use

This conference in its panel has gathered academics and scholars of the language and literature from all the Albanian regions ...

Untruths and Harms caused by Dick Marty’s Report

The aim of the conference was to oppose the Dick Marty report for Kosovo, issued for approve in the European ...

Illyria and the Illyrians

Aim of the conference The main aim of the conference beside others was the re-confirmation of the global historical achieving regarding ...

Covenant of Lezha and the 540th Anniversary of death of Gjergj Kastrioti-Skanderbeg

  Organizer: ILIRIA College Date of organizing:2 March, 2008 Aim of the conference  This conference the ILIRIA College organized in the occasion of marking ...

Kosovo and the International Factor

Organizer:ILIRIA College and the Albanian Diplomatic Academy Date of organizing:April 11, 2007 Aim of the conference Organized by the ILIRIA College in partnership ...

Negotiations for technical matters and the final status of Kosovo

Organizer:ILIRIA College Date of organizing:October 28, 2006 Aim of the conference The organize of this conference aimed that by various views: juridical, economical, ...


ILIRIA College – European Quality Award

ILIRIA College Vacancy 2012/2013

ILIRIA International Review

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ILIRIA Debate Club

Omer Kaleshi Gallery

ILIRIA College honored Philip Kotler with the title “Doctor Honoris Causa”