Program Visiting Professorship for Senior Lawyers

This program is developed by the ILIRIA College since the year 2007 in partnership with Center for International Legal Studies (CILS) with its location in Salzburg, Austria.

About the program Visiting Professorship for Senior Lawyers

Through its Senior Lawyers’ Program, the CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL LEGAL STUDIES places experienced Common Law practitioners in visiting professorships at institutions in East Europe and the former republics of the Soviet Union. More than 400 senior lawyers have taken up more than 600 appointments in the first seven years of the program. The CENTER, in cooperation with law faculties in Eastern Europe and the former republics of the Soviet Union, will offer short-term appointments to as many as 90 senior lawyers from Common Law countries during spring 2013 and autumn 2013. A “senior lawyer” has at least 15 years of significant practice experience in
the area in which he or she proposes to lecture. The term of teaching may be from two to six weeks and the length of appointment and dates of teaching are subject to negotiation between the appointee and the host university. The subject areas are not limited, but there is special interest in corporate and business law, intellectual property, litigation, arbitration, and criminal procedure. The purpose of the seminars will be to introduce particular areas of Common Law legal systems to the law students and junior faculty of the host university. These faculty appointments are not remunerated, and the appointee is responsible for his or her travel. The host university will assist with lodging. A one-week orientation seminar in Salzburg, Austria, is mandatory prior to assumption of the appointment. Interviews will be conducted in April, May and June 2013 via video Skype.

Appointed Visiting Professors to the ILIRIA College with nomination of CILS So far ILIRIA College has appointed to involve in teaching process the following professors with the nomination of the Center for International Legal Studies, which took intensive courses of various topics:


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