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ILIRIA Club is one attached structure in ILIRIA College, which builds and maintains long-term and reciprocal relations between students, graduates and friends of the College. This club with its activity is focused in finding forms and instruments for serving to the entire individuals, which has to do or had to do in time and in space with the ILIRIA College.

More concrete, ILIRIA Club helps and creates favorable conditions for the best realization of the philosophy, values and goals of the ILIRIA College. This club helps to the entire members of it, by offering assistance in various forms and various fields. ILIRIA Club works for the enlargment of the financial base of the College, by channeling in effective and transparent manner various donations and funds for research. One other activity of the club is lobbying for specific projects of an interest to the students and professorship of ILIRIA College. ILIRIA Club lobs for donations, which has to do with the activities organized by the College, which are of a social benefit and that go beyond the academical and College boarders. The club promotes, makes possible and realizes issuing of scholarships for the students, based in gathered donations as from its members, as well as from other financings from organizations, companies or various individuals, benevolent and supporters of the qualitative national education. 

By carefully following and knowing social developments in Kosovo, especially those which has to do with education, ILIRIA Club as well is one counseling structure for the managing staff of the ILIRIA College. ILIRIA Club organizes as well, activities of a cultural character which are related in one manner or other with the ILIRIA College. These activities can have as a goal, additionally, better introduction of the public to the university life, social life of a one College, which has to do with transparent information of the wide opinion.

ILIRIA Club is one accurate address of each individual which thinks that can contribute in further development of the ILIRIA College. Therefore, each such individual is welcomed to give this contribute.



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