The Office for Foreign Relations

With establishing of the Office for Foreign Relations, which is one relatively new structure in the cadre of the Rector of the ILIRIA College, the College aims at strengthening and widening of the collaboration with its analogs across the world and in the same time the improvement of the communication and collaboration within the territory of Kosovo.

By being part of the group for drafting of politics and strategies of development of the ILIRIA College, this office coordinates the work with other Universities, institutions, organizations, for the incitement of the collaboration in all fields of Higher Education.

The Office for Foreign Relations internationally promotes the activity of the ILIRIA College and creates bases for further collaboration by exchanging the needed information.

The Office for Foreign Relations provides as well services related with the projects for the academic personnel and the students of the ILIRIA College, by supporting in finding proper funds, by giving information for various grants, projects, organizing various trainings, etc. and it function as well for helping in the services of students and the academic staff of the ILIRIA College, about their visit to the other countries, in the frame of various international academical and educational visiting programs.



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