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Untruths and Harms caused by Dick Marty’s Report

The aim of the conference was to oppose the Dick Marty report for Kosovo, issued for approve in the European Council in date December 14, 2010, titled “Stealing of the organs in Kosovo”. The oppose of this report was made possible by the panelists papers which presented scientific facts about impossibility of realization of such activities, that the report tries to present as true facts, for the time and the conditions that the report talks about, which is during the last war in Kosovo ’98-’99.

In the end of the conference the entire panelists came into conclusion, as professional and scientific experts that all allegations of Dick Marty was false and don’t consist with scientific proves. 

The summary of the papers presented in this conference have been translated in English language, urgently and are summarized within one publication which holds the same name as the name of the conference: “Untruths and Harms Caused by Dick Marty’s Report”, with the ISBN 978-9951-459-24-2. In the day the Council of Europe where was planned to be discussed regarding the report of Marty, representatives of the ILIRIA College, the above mentioned publication have provided in personal, as a hard copy,  to the entire senators of the European Council, including Swiss senator, Dick Marty.

The same material was sent to the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Prime minister of Kosovo, Chairman of the Parliament of Kosovo, the entire ministers and respective ministries of the Republic of Kosovo, Judicial Council of Kosovo, Constitutional Court of Kosovo, Supreme Court of the Republic of Kosovo, Prokurorial Council of Kosovo, Judicial Institute of Kosovo, Chamber of Lawyers of Kosovo, to the ABAROL, Law Faculty of Prishtina, etc.

Panelists and paper presented

The conference in its panel gathered politicians, academics, scholars and other coming from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, for unification of the concernment toward the Dick Marty report for Kosovo, which strictly arguments the impossibility of the truthiness of these accuses of senator Marty.  

The panelists in the conference were of various fields and of a various expertise as following:

Dr. Mixhait REÇI - President of the ILIRIA College – “Remarks”;

Mr. Alfred MOJSIU – Former President of the Republic of Albania – “Remarks”;

Dr. Islam LAUKA – Ambassador of Republic of Albania in Kosovo, General director of the Institute for Political Studies and the President of the Albanian Center for American-Britain Studies – “The truth as national and state interest of Albania and Kosovo”;

Academic Pajazit NUSHI – Rector of the ILIRIA College, Expert of the Human Rights;

Academic Rexhep QOSJA- Member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo, Former Politician ;

Dr. Din ABAZAJ – President of the Order of Physicians of Albania;

Dr. Remzi IZAIRI – President of the Association of Albanian Physicians of Macedonia;

Dr. Imer DURMISHI – Specialist of abdominal surgery and organ transplant, University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland;

Dr. Thanas GJIKAJ – Deputy President of the Regional Council of Union of Albanian Doctors, Tirana – “Organ transplant is a medical remedy that saves human lives”;

Dr. Agim VINCA- Writer and literature scholar (Kosovo) – “Dick Marty’s Report, KLA file and our weakness”;

Dr. Ramë BUJA – Professor of Political Sciences (Kosovo);

Dr. Ibrahim GASHI – Professor of the International Relations (Kosovo)- “Politic observation over the content of Dick Marty’s report and reactions of the state institutions of Kosovo and Albania toward it;

Dr. Shenasi JUSUFI – Secretary General of the Association of the Albanian Physicians of Macedonia(Macedonia)- “Scientific facts and arguments on false information and the damages of the Dick Marty’s report” ;

Dr. Arsim GËRXHALIU – Director of the Department of Forensic Medicine, Ministry of Justice (Kosovo) – “The false statements and Damages of the Dick Marty Report”;

Dr. Flamur BLAKAJ,- Specialist of legal medicine;

Dr. Besim SLLAMNIKU- Specialist of Otoringo- Laryngological;

Dr. Mazllum BELEGU- Specialist of transfusionlogy;

Dr. Isa HAXHIU- Specialist of Urology in the Clinical University Center Prishtina (Kosovo) – “If Dick Marty”;

Dr. Nestor THERESKA – Chief of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplant Service in the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa”, First kidney transplant specialist in Albania (in a team with Dr. Mustafa Xhani)- “Some problems of the transplantation of Kidneys in Albania”;

Dr. Mustafa XHANI – Chief of urology in the General Hospital “Mother Teresa” in Tirana – first kidney transplantation specialist in Albania (in a team with Dr. Nestor Thereska) – “Renal Transplant in Albania”;

Mr. Sc. Afrim HOTI- Professor of Political Sciences (PhD Candidate in the University of Hamburg)- “Five messages for Dick Marty”;

Dr. Avdullah ROBAJ – Professor of Legal Sciences;

Msc. Ruzhdi JASHARI – Expert of the International Relations and Diplomacy



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