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Philip Kotler Visited ILIRIA College and has been Honored with the Title Doctor Honoris Causa

Prishtina, May 30 2012 – With the decision of the Board of the ILIRIA College, Philip Kotler, the personality and professor number one in marketing field, has been given the title “Doctor Honoris Causa”.

Kotler is known worldwide for his outstanding figure and the special contribution in marketing field, by expanding its application not just within the business, but also in lives of millions peoples by including also the health and the politics.

Lectures and professional consultations from this professor are known and followed in the entire world with a high interest. He also has the greatest merit for modern marketing, one industry built and raised in continuance in a superior level from him.

Philip Kotler is the inventor of “4 P-s” of marketing (which he now has transformed into 7 P-s) as well as of the “Social Marketing”. He is also involved in researches and developments in the field of Marketing for more than 55 years. He is the author of the main books and university texts of Marketing. This way, he is the author of “Menagment Marketing”, already in his 13th edition, as one of the most used texts in postgraduate schools of business in the entire world, with more than over 20 million book sold. He is the author of over 50 other successful books and has published over 250 papers in the most known scientific reviews.

His engagement has been highly valued from the worldwide community, by giving him total 12 doctorate honorary titles. Kotler is the only winner of three prestigious prices “Alpha Kappa Psi” for the best article in the annual review of marketing. He is one of 50 most outstanding gurus (experts), since the year 1998.

In the year 2008 and 2009, Kotler has been ranked within the 10 top thinkers of the business in world.

Honorary Title “Doctor Honoris Causa” given for Philip Kotler from the ILIRIA College represents the acknowledgment and the respect of this College, of the academic staff and the students’ youth of the Republic of Kosovo for the extraordinary contribution given for science and society in general, for the development of science of marketing in particular and for enlargment of the usage of the marketing also outside of the business field, as well for the positive impact that this contribution had in the lives of the people worldwide.

The ceremony of giving the title has been organized in the College Campus spaces, with participation of a large number of academic, student, and society and media community.

The laureate in this occasion, in his greeting speech expressed the gratitude for the honor and acknowledgment that ILIRIA College is doing to his work and his achievements as well he has been expressed greatly positive about his feedbacks for Kosovo population, by having in consideration that this is the first time that he visited this country. Kotler has donated to the library of the ILIRIA College his book “Marketing 3.0”.


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ILIRIA College honored Philip Kotler with the title “Doctor Honoris Causa”