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Graduation Ceremony of the 6th Generation of Students

ILIRIA College in one imposing ceremonial atmosphere, with wide participation of students, family of students, friends and their loved people, as well of many guests of honor from various institutions, promoted its 6th Generation of Students.

In his speech, as a guest of honor within the ceremonial panel in this important occasion, Mr. Gudar Beqiraj, chairman of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Albania has pointed to be greatly honored to be among the students in as he said: “In the day of culmination of many yearly efforts to become professionals in Higher Education, with an aim the development of the country”. Further he stated: “ILIRIA College treats one special product in compliance with the changes and needs of the time”.

While, the Rector of the ILIRIA College, Academic Pajazit Nushi in his greeting speech, to the students and others participants of the event has convey the best words and the enjoyments about the successes and the positive perspective that he sees at this generation. He further did a motivational call, so the efforts and the knowledge token to put in function of the urgent need for progressive development of the country and the region.  

President of the ILIRIA College, Prof. Dr. Mixhait Reçi, in his greeting speech for the students and others participants, stated to felt enjoyed with upon the success and the achievements of the students from this generation. He stated by saying: “This is the time when we feel proud with the achievements of our students and when we greet them about these achievements”.

He reminded them the long road and challenging that these students together with the academic staff did for three annual years, with the goal so the wise and the knowledge of them to be grown. He further stated some of the mutual successes that the ILIRIA College together with the students achieved during their study years as it are the announcement of Philip Kotler, the world guru in marketing “The Honorary Member of the Board”.

Also, “European Quality Award” received for ILIRIA College by the Club of Rectors of Oxford University, Great Britain, many conferences, visits, debates, trainings with experts of various field and various countries, as according to Professor Reçi are the most powerful indicators about the quality and the level of mutual achievements of the ILIRIA College and its students.

Within this context he mentioned also the former students of the ILIRIA College which already with the gained knowledge in this institution has reached to be elite part of the government, business, social and academical life and wider. This manner, he introduced some of the eminent figures which studied to the ILIRIA College, as it is Prince Leka II Zog, Current Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Blerand Stavileci and many others.

In closing message of him, President Reçi made a call to the students so that the knowledge, wise and skills gained with closure of their basic studies, to raise further by saying: “With the closure of basic studies, You have built the strong base so that your knowledge to be advanced and to be widen further”. In their speeches for their three years studies, some of the students of the generation have been expressed to been felt too fulfilled, to have done intensive engagement, to have collaborated, to have learned, to have created collaborating network, to have been developed and transformed, to have been invested and to have been encouraged for more, for one brighten and successful future.

The event was followed with musical moment from well known soprano Lule Elezi as well with throwing heats of the Solemn Students Uniform.


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