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Tempus project

In order for Kosova to successfully integrate into the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) it is vital for the country to incorporate the standards and principles that have been set out and agreed by the 47 countries who have signed up to the Bologna process, including all countries of the European Union.

These standards and principles include the key objectives of ensuring high standards in the quality of teaching and scientific research in higher education providers.

Quality Assurance represents a key element of higher education and includes the establishment, enhancement and monitoring of standards and guidelines. It contributes to the credibility and the scientific as well as professional value of higher education providers and is aimed at ensuring delivery of high quality study programs and research activities.

The inclusion of quality assurance units into the higher education structure, allows more effective monitoring of these standards and of the quality of management as well as of teaching and research. Furthermore it provides a platform for reforms which will be beneficial to the higher education providers.

The project "Supporting and Developing the Structures for QA at the Private Higher Education Institutions in Kosova" is to introduce and enhance quality standards and mechanisms at the Private Higher Education Providers in Kosova in order to facilitate comparability, credibility  and Quality Assurance practices  in accordance with the Bologna principles and the Strategy for the Development of Higher Education in Kosova  (2005-2015).


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