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Bardhok Bashota – Winner of the Price “Young Scientists of the Year”

Bardhok Bashota PhD Candidate, lecturer for International Relations and Diplomacy to the ILIRIA College, won the price “Young Scientists of the Year” for young outstanding scientists of the Republic of Kosovo.

This price has been given based on the Decision from the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, in support to the article 145, point 2 of the Constitute of the Republic of Kosovo, by having in consideration the articles 4, 21, 22 of the Law no. 03/L-189 for State Administration of the Republic of Kosovo, based on the paragraph 1.4, Annex 6 of the Regulation no. 02/2011 for Fields of Administrative Responsibility of the Prime Minister and Ministers Office date 22.03.2011 with the decision no. 369/01B, on date 24.12.2012.


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