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The 1st International Biennale of Painters “Omerika”

September 29, 2012 – In one special imposed environment of the ILIRIA College in Prishtine, has been held the closing ceremony of the “1st International Biennale of Painters “Omerika””, in honor to the great Albanian painter with worldwide fame, Omer Kaleshi, who lives and creates in Paris, France.

The Biennale was held, organized and financed by the ILIRIA College, while beside the painter Omer Kaleshi for 10 days, in it did participated these well-known painters: 

Klime KOROBAR (Macedonia); Bernhard HOLLEMANN (Austria); Kurt NEUBAUER (Germany); Nilϋfer ERKAN (Turkey);  Hasan NALLBANI (Albania); Pavle KUZMANOSKI (Macedonia); Reshat AHMETI (Macedonia); Rosita LAZESKA (Macedonia); Zake PRELVUKAJ (Kosovo); Eshref QAHILI (Kosovo); Agron MULLIQI (Kosovo); Veli BLAKÇORI (Kosovo); Veton GUSIA (Kosovo). 

The Biennale was opened by the ILIRIA College in honor to initiation of the activity of the permanent gallery of this institution which contains of 16 paintings which famous painter Omer Kaleshi, has donated to this institution and this gallery will be opened in continuance for the entire citizens which want to be introduced and to study the Kaleshian art.

In the occasional speech, for the closing ceremony of the “1st International Biennale of Painters “Omerika””, the President of the ILRIA College Dr. Mixhait Reçi, highly valued and appreciated all the painters and all the contributors of this event, as he valued with a special importance not just for the Albanian artistic community, but for the Balkan and international community as well.

In this occasion, to all the painters and contributors, for realization of this has been given the symbol of Prishtina, “Goddess in Throne” and special gratitude for the engagement in this biennale.

One occasional speech for the biennale, for the gallery and for the art of Omer Kaleshi, held as well the professor of esthetics Dr. Kadri Metaj, who, the paintings in the gallery “Omer Kaleshi” has valued as a national treasure, while the opening of the permanent gallery, one extraordinary happening for the culture of Kosovo.

On behalf of all painters, for 10 days staying and for the conditions offered and for creating one extraordinary working environment, has been thanked ILIRIA College by Zake Prelvukaj, which highlight the fact that the ILIRIA College in these 10 days has turned Prishtina into one international painting center.

In the other side, the international painters participants at this Biennale, have been expressed to be felt closed to Kosovo and to the artistically aspects of it by finding the special opportunity for exchanging in cultural aspects with local artists.


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