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In ILIRIA College has been promoted the book of the Academic Anastas Angjeli “In Fevers of Crises”

Prishtina, March 19 2013 – In the framework of mutual inter-institutional activities with the Mediteran University of Albania, the ILIRIA College has organized the ceremony of book promotion of the Academic Anastas Angjeli “In Fevers of Crises”.

In one another special occasion, the delegation of the University of East Anglia – UEA has been waited by the management and the staff of the ILIRIA College where in this event also has been a Memorandum of Partnership, between ILIRIA College and the University of East Anglia, for Bachelor, Master and PhD level, as well in favour of support of various mutual forms of future collaboration.

The book promoted by Academic Anastas Angjeli “In Fevers of Crises” is one important study of modern science, which summarizes reflections of specific aspects and analyses of developments in euro zone and the current crises which has caught it. Is considered from many experts of respective field, as a rare book in scientific literature, in that political and in economical practice in treating such discusses and worrying problem such as affording of the economical crises which has caught the economy of various countries. 

Dr. Mixhait Reçi the host of this occasion, in his greeting speech thanked the author of the book, Academic Anastas Angjeli.

He further added that, the book fulfills exactly the current gap for relevant information about the consequences and effects that the crises left in the delicate Albanian economy and comes in the right moment by offering to the readers, scholars and academic world for the first time in the Albanian language one table of the global financial crises, of the euro zone crises and especially in Greece, of the international monetary system and the implications of development in three levels for the Albanian Economy. Academic Gudar Beqiraj, chairman of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Albania talked about the special importance and the positive impact that this book will bring to the new Albanian science.

Further in his speech, Dr. Bashkim Rama expert with experience in actual international matters highly praised the book for the values and the informations which it presents regarding crises, the international indications and impacts of it.

By willing to present the aim of this book and its conceptual sources, Academic Angjeli, in his speech in front of the present people pointed that, always he had believed that the duty of one scholar is before all, to dare following scientific roads and monopods almost untouched before. This because according to him in order to the science and the society could benefit and improve and this quality he estimated as a mission of the entire scholars. He further continued by saying “To contribute as much as we can, each in their manner, in social progress firstly in its country, but why not wider than that. This is the first reason I would say philosophical why I initiated to write this book, almost five years before, which you carry today on your hands”. Beside this he thinks that the reason for publishing this book is also the practical aspect, related to the happenings, concrete circumstances and their development.

In the end of ceremony to Academic Anastas Angjeli has been given a gratitude letter for his contribution gave in the occasion of book promotion in students, academic and scientific community of Kosovo.


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