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An official delegation from the University of East Anglia has been receipted waited and a mutual Memorandum of Partnership has been singed

In one special occasion, ILIRIA College realized one official waiting for representatives of University of East Anglia – UEA, Richard Harvey (CMP), director of admission department and dean and Craig Smitherman (ARM) from the Department of International Relations.

The aim of this official reception was the offering of opportunity for inter-institutional approach, in informing about activities, programs and academic performances of the University of East Anglia, as the two institutions perform within the same field, which is the cultivation of higher education.

This occasion, served as a special opportunity also for linking the activities of both institutions by singing a Memorandum of Collaboration, between the ILIRIA College and the University of East Anglia, for Bachelor, Master and PhD studies, as in the favor of support in various mutual forms of future collaboration.

The ceremonies have been organized with attendance of a numerous individuals from the academic, student, society and media community.


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