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ILIRIA College promoted the trilogy “Demaçi” of the author Selatin Novosella

May 17, 2013 – In the framework of mutual activities, ILIRIA College in collaboration with the Association of Political Prisoners of Kosovo, has done the promotion of the Trilogy of the author Selatin Novosella, dedicated to activities and engagements to nation’s case, of the visionary and eminent activist Adem Demaçi.

The trilogy in itself contains three publications titled: “Demaçi – The Movement for Union”, “Demaçi – Prishtina Process” and “Demaçi – Metaphor of Freedom”. Each of these books contains evidences and descriptions of highly important happenings in Kosovo’ Case, in which Adem Demaçi has been initiator and key element in successful realization of them. In the chronology are been presented the initiatives and highly brave activities of the book’s subject, since his young age until the time when he becomes a spiritual leader of the Kosovo people and until the period of time and the happenings that followed over his imprisoning and his political persecution in the time of Yugoslav regime.

Adem Demaçi, in the occasion of promotion of the trilogy, has expressed the satisfaction for the acknowledgment and for the honor that is made to his work and to his long standing engagement, through publishing of the set of books dedicated to him and especially in such respected institution as the ILIRIA College.

In the same occasion, in his speech, Adem Demaçi in record to the anniversary of disappearance of the great activist Ukshin Hoti talked about his work and his sublime political and educational engagement for Kosovo Case.

In his speech, the author of the book himself, Selatin Novosella, expressed his pleasure that he is paying back the debt to one model man, the stiff activist of the nation case, Adem Demaçi.

The ceremony of book promotion has been remarked with considered participation from eminent figures, authors, activists, veterans and former political persecuted individuals, academics, students and books benevolent.



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