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US Embassy supports ILIRIA College in Developing capacities of scientific journal ILIRIA International Review

US Embassy in Prishtina, department for Public Affairs in the competitive program “University Support Grants Program” has selected ILIRIA College to financially support it, in implementation of the project “Increasing and developing capacities of ILIRIA International Review”.

University Support Grants Program is a project of a competitive character of US Embassy through which grants are offered for universities and linked institutions, so that they could increase the development of curriculum, scientific research and library resources as well as professional expertise. 

These grants help universities to build linkages with American institutions to encourage the development of their program planning and review of curriculums.   

The project of ILIRIA College that has been selected to be financed in its realization, foresees to evaluate the international scientific journal of ILIRIA College ILIRIA International Review, administration of a workshop for its managing staff with a tailored curriculum and a workshop for its authors. These workshops according to the project will be held by eminent experts of the field which will travel from United States, to increase the functional capacity of staff and authors of the journal, in parallel to contemporary standards of scientific work in international journals. Moreover, this project foresees also the preparation of standards, materials, regulations and guidelines for functioning according to the contemporary international practices of scientific publishing.


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