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ILIRIA College organized training for Peer Reviewers’ Board of ILIRIA International Review: “Advancement of the international contemporary knowledge and practices of the scientific peer-review”

Within the project of ILIRIA College, supported by the Embassy of the United States of America in Pristina: “Increasing and Developing Capacities of ILIRIA International Review” was organized a training for increasing capacities of the peer-reviewer’s board of ILIRIA International Review, as the first phase of project implementation. 

This training entitled: “Advancement of the international contemporary knowledge and practices of the scientific peer-review” was led by the American expert J.D. Nancy McCaslin and has as an aim the identification of the existing state of the well-functioning system in the reviewing process of papers within the scientific journal of ILIRIA College- ILIRIA International Review.  

The training was dedicated to the Peer-Reviewer’s Board of ILIRIA International Review from Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, etc. Reviewers in this activity, throughout interactive discussions and debates between them and with the American expert have presented the current methodology of their work in reviewing papers of the journal. In this manner they together have identified the needs for advancement of functioning system of practices of reviewing process. While J.D. Nancy McCaslin presented them the latest advanced knowledge and practices regarding the topics related with: standard international procedures of evaluation of a scientific paper; international criteria/standards of evaluation; review of a paper; review of a paper as of thematic; standard forms and guidelines for review, etc.

By the end of this training, reviewers obtained certificates which prove their interactive participation and increase of their knowledge for standard procedures of review of qualitative scientific publishing.

By this training, reviewing staff of ILIRIA International Review, in close cooperation with experts from USA, will draft manuals, guidelines and standard forms for reviewing papers of scientific journal, in parallel with the international scientific standards.


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