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In a solemn ceremony of promotion of seventh generation of the students of ILIRIA College was talked about the success and achievements of students and of ILIRIA College. Teaching quality, eminent local and foreign professors, cooperation with various local and international institutions, various joint projects, numerous scientific-educational events, visits and participations in various events, scientific journal with impact factor are mentioned as the most powerful indicators of the quality and of the mutual achievements of ILIRIA College and its students.

Further, in his greeting speech, as the guest of honor within the ceremonial panel in this important occasion the current Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Mr. Memli Krasniqi expressed his special congratulations for absolvents, ILIRIA College and its professors for the great and qualitative work in preparing of a one more successful generation. Further he mentioned that everything we have today is a product of bright minds that have worked, studied and produced the entire life. This is what each of us should do. In the end he was addressed to the students with a quote by Steve Jobs, who also in one similar ceremony had called the participants to “always be hungry and curious for knowledge”.

The Albanian diplomat Dr. Lisen Bashkurti, in his speech in this ceremony emphasized that ILIRIA College is creating capacities for work, business and for country overall development. He was addressed to the students by inviting them to use those gained capacities, to exploit them as soon as possible.

Also, in his speech as the one who did Masters in ILIRIA College, the current president of the Board of Directors of the American Economic Chamber Mr. Erolld Belegu, talked about the importance that studies in this institution had for his professional career as well as he invited students to put their knowledge in function of country development.

While, Rector of ILIRIA College Academic Pajazit Nushi in his occasional greeting speech, to the students and participants conveyed the most excellent words and his excitement on the successes and positive perspective that he sees at this generation. Further he did a motivational call, so that students to put their token knowledge in function of the urgent need for progressive development of the country and the region.

President of ILIRIA College, Mr. Mixhait Reçi in his greeting speech for the students and other attendants emphasized to be greatly pleased on the successes and achievements of the students from this generation and did a call to them, to further advance and apply their knowledge for the overall good of country development.

In their speeches for their three year studies, some of the students from the generation, are been expressed to have been felt completed, to have been done intensive engagement, to have cooperated, to have learned, to have created cooperation network, to have been developed and transformed, to have invest and to have been encouraged for more, for one brighter and successful future. 

The event was followed with musical moments, as well as with throwing heats of a solemn students’ uniform.


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