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ILIRIA College in the occasion of the European Day of Justice

President of ILIRIA College, Professor Mixhait Reçi, in the occasion of the European Day of Justice has saluted the students, by declaring that:

The European Day of Justice is celebrated to inform the citizens for the rights that the system of justice offers. Therefore also in Kosovo, as a democratic society and with European aspirations, we salute for the rights of citizens to be respected and protected. Being aware that you students of law are those who will implement the justice and will represent and protect the rights of the citizens, ILIRIA College vows to practically prepare you, in order to finish your job as juridical professionals in worthier manner, in serving to the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and wider.

I take this occasion to thank USAID for support of the Program for establishment and development of the Office for Clinical Studies in ILIRIA College as well as NCSC which is successfully implementing this program. This support and this implementation accomplishes our mission, in creating experts which will be in disposition to the implementation of Justice in Kosovo.

Prof. Dr. Mixhait Reçi
President of ILIRIA College


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