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ILIRIA College participation at Career Fair 2014

Career Fair, on its eleventh consecutive year, was held on 22 and 23 April 2014 and was organized from American Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the company The HeadHunter, and once more showed that the private sector is the greatest employer in Kosovo, with 66% employed people in. These conclusions came based on a study organized from The HeadHunter Company, on the employability and Welfare in Southeast Europe region.                           

This high percentage of employees in private sector was proved also from the great interest of participating companies in this fair, for their businesses to engage students of different profiles, which was also the aim of this fair.

Among different serious companies which were part of this fair, were also ILIRIA College, Radio Plus and Next Television, in which case two last ones are part of ILIRIA College.

Great interest of the students but also of other jobseekers, was for these three companies, for all open vacancies, especially this interest was present more toward ILIRIA College. Numerous applicants expressed their desire and willingness to be part of ILIRIA College staff. This shows once more that ILIRIA College remains a prestigious institution of higher education in the country.

This fair was a great opportunity for the students to put contacts with representatives of different businesses in Kosovo. Part of this advantage was also many students of ILIRIA College. At the conclusion of this fair, representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce, emphasized that they will continue with the tradition of this kind of events, aiming at offering to the young people more employment opportunities.


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