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Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC) and ILIRIA College organized a professional panel titled "The initiative of court observation by the citizens"

ILIRIA College held a professional panel titled "The initiative of court observation by the citizens". Ms. Alketa Bala from ATRC Organization was the moderator the panel, and panelists were: judge Mr. Nehat Idrizi, lawyer Mr. Fatlum Podvorica, victims defender officer Mr. Bekim  Dugolli and prosecutor Mr. Armend Hamiti.

The presentation from the panelists and the debate that took place aimed towards raising the awareness and educating the participants on criminal procedures, as well as the profession of the judge, the prosecutor, the defense lawyer and the victim protection officer in Kosovo. This panel also aimed to increase the trust towards the Justice System of Kosovo.

The panel was followed with great interest and encouraged many debates among students and panelists.

This panel was organized as predecessor of a cooperation agreement between the Centre for Training and Advocacy Resources (AKRC) and ILIRIA College.

The special guest of the event was Ms. Lauren C. Baillie, the Chief of Party for PILPG's Kosovo program. Mrs Baillie was quite pleased with the work of ILIRIA Collage, and expressed her interest for the scientific journal and her readiness for cooperation in the future.



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