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Professional Panel involving youth and women in the Justice System in Kosovo

Clinical Studies Office at the ILIRIA College organized the Panel with the NCSC Senior Program Manager Ms. Violaine Autheman and the legal expert Mrs.  Florie Manaj - Zogaj.

They were both informed on the activities of the Office for Clinical Studies at ILIRIA College.

This Panel presented the results of the research for challenges and prospects of young people and women in the Justice System in Kosovo.

This research initiative  for the youth and women has found  that there has been  a growing awareness in the society of Kosovo regarding the promotion and representation of women in key legal professions and the needs of young people to engage successfully as a workforce in the legal system.

The panel was attended by academic staff and ILIRIA College students. It was seen as a motivation for the future to seriously engage in the justice/ law profession.

This Research is a result of cooperation between ILIRIA College and NSCS. The Law Faculty Dean awarded Ms. Autheman for the contribution given during the three years of cooperation and fior strengthening the clinical teaching at ILIRIA College.


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