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The promotion of Erasmus+ Program

Iliria College in cooperation with CESD, RADIO+, NEXT TV and supported by the Executive Agency of the European Commission and SALTO Center for South-Eastern Europe congratulated the opening of the YOUTH SUPPORT CENTER in ILIRIA College, which is going to support all the young people in Kosovo who want to be part of Erasmus+ Program. Speaking of this event,the president of ILIRIA College, Prof. Dr. Mixhait Reçi said that this is a special moment not only for ILIRIA College but also for other non-governmental organizations and for the youngsters from Kosovo who will have great opportunities from this center. Mr. Reçi emphasized that ILIRIA College will strongly support the development of the volunteering idea which, as he said, is the spirit on which is established the European Union itself.

CESD President, Mr. Arbër Reçi thanked the representatives of the European Commission and the SALTO Center for South-Eastern Europe for coming in this event and for the attendees he emphasized the importance of projects implementation of the Erasmus+ Program in Kosovo. Mr. Reçi also informed the attendees that through Iliria College’s Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD), hundreds of young people gained scholarships and opportunities to study, to be trained and to volunteer in European Union countries. Meanwhile, he noted that the main goal of this center is to provide support for Erasmus+ application procedures and to raise the responsibility and awareness among young people about volunteerism.

The Coordinator of the European Center, Mr. Andrej Troha and the Coordinator of SALTO Center for South-Eastern Europe, Ms. Sonja Mitter Škulj, informed the attendees about their work for volunteering and the activities that their centers develop. They also explained the change that has been from Erasmus to Erasmus+, meanwhile they emphasized that the volunteer work is the main object of the European Commission. The Coordinator Mitter Škulj also explained the opportunities that young people can benefit from attending on the activities that Erasmus+ Program develops. During these 30 years of Erasmus+ Program, over 9 million people have benefited from its program.

The representative of the Executive Agency if the European Commission, Ms. Geneviève Sauvé said that the Executive Agency supports long-term projects which aim to include youth through volunteering and she also noted that their goal is to represent the voice of the international youngsters.

During this session, the volunteers who have benefited from Erasmus+ Program told us about their experiences in Erasmus+ Program. In the end of this session representatives of those organizations who were part of this event interacted with other non-governmental organizations and youngsters that participated in this event. Meanwhile there was held also the workshop called “How to apply in Erasmus+ projects?”.


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