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The ILIRIA College, on the occasion of the International Women's Day, organizes a professional panel whose aims is to support and strengthen the participation of women in Kosovo society

On the occasion of the International Women's Day, ILIRIA College in collaboration with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) organized a professional panel bringing together representatives and civil society activists, students and other participants who celebrate the international women day.

Representatives of this professional panel were Mrs. Zana Berisha - Project Management Specialist in USAID, Mrs. Merita Limani from PRP and Mrs. Sibel Halimi from the Engagement for Equity program.

This panel revealed results from the work, challenges and achievements of Kosovo society in empowering the role of women in Kosovo by emphasizing the issue of empowering women in business and entrepreneurship, promoting and representing the position of women in the institution and decision making as well as the given support through the gender equality program. The panel also mentioned the importance and willingness of the governing institutions to create a climate that is most appropriate for the advancement of women's rights, which is also considered as a necessary part in the integration process of the state of Kosovo in the European Union.

On this occasion, the panelists say that the woman continues to contribute to the achievements and development of society, economic, cultural and political in general in Kosovo and in the world. So this day let us further strengthen our attention to work on achieving satisfactory results, while including every citizen in improving gender equality in the country.

In a word, the General Secretary of the ILIRIA College, Mr. Arbër Reçi addressed to the participants in this panel highly praised the role and advancement of the position of women in the development of the country, highlighting their great contribution to the successful functioning and development in general, in the ILIRIA College and the entire Kosovar society.

ILIRIA College, as a Higher Education Institution, has supported and included the woman as one of the great potential cadres. As a result of this engagement, the largest number of staff is female and also the number of students and graduates. In addition, the ILIRIA College, the priority projects in its activity are oriented towards strengthening the position of women in Kosovo.

This professional panel concluded with a cocktail event marking the celebration of the International Women's Day at ILIRIA College.


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