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American Professor Prof. Dr. Linda S. Foreman conducts training on "Human Rights Law" at ILIRIA College


On the framework of the Visiting Professors Program in ILIRIA College, it is conducted a training on: "Human Rights Laws" by Prof. Dr. Linda S. Foreman, (Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Human Rights Consultant in the State of Minnesota, USA).

The purpose of this training was to enable students to be theoretically and practically enabled in identifying and reviewing the basis of the human rights law by disclosing the history and structure of human rights law, mainly focused on the International Human Rights Declaration which includes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Throughout the training, students had the opportunity to study, analyze and reflect on the application, implementation and respect of the human rights law in Kosovo, in region, and in the world in general. Focusing mainly on studying and reviewing the various cases that provided study-legal analysis to those responsible for promoting and respecting human rights such as the state, governments, civil society and individuals, undertaking the obligations of respecting, protecting and fulfilling rights conferred by the International Human Rights Bill. This case also included relevant international human rights treaties; jurisprudence from various state courts, regional courts for human rights and international treaty bodies; articles about human rights violations and responses to them; as well as publications from the United Nations Organization.

This training will provide students with the opportunity to build their capacities for transforming knowledge into practical work, increasing the opportunity for inclusion in the labor market in order for these efforts to positively affect the improvement of the justice system with focus on the application and implementation of human rights and freedoms in the country.

Students who attended this training were awarded with certificates attesting their interactive participation and increasing their knowledge of the Human Rights Law, which is also assessed with ETCS points.

In recognition of her contribution to the successful realization of this training, the General Secretary of Iliria College, Mr. Arbër Reçi shared a letter of gratitude, the Iliria College logo and the latest number of the "ILIRIA International Review” to Prof. Dr. Linda Foreman, who also expressed that she was quite honored with being a lecturer of human rights laws at ILIRIA College.



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