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ILIRIA College

ILIRIA College is a degree awarding Higher Education Institution, established 2000 in Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo. It holds a Royal Charter by the Albanian Royal Family. It is one of the leading Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo and the region. It was founded in order to address the needs for providing more opportunities for access to a higher education based on the highest quality standards.

It offers degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels in the following disciplines: Law; Banking, Finance and Accounting; Management; International Business; Computer Sciences; International Relations and Diplomacy; Health Management.

The student body is comprised of approximately 8,000 undergraduate and 3,000 graduate students.

The ILIRIA College and its programs have been accredited by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA), following the independent evaluations and recommendations by the international Experts, pursuant to guidelines and legal procedures set forth by the KAA and Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo, which are in line with European accreditation standards. Kosovo Accreditation Agency is a full member of European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education EQAR. All experts engaged in external evaluation of ILIRIA College (2009-2015) and its Programs come from the most prestigious universities in the European Union. The faculty members and ILIRIA alumni have gained significant reputation and have taken leading positions in the country’s economy, social and political life.

By providing high quality teaching and support, dedicated investments in stimulating study environment, innovative teaching methods and human values, ILIRIA College is the first choice of the best students in Kosovo and in the Balkan region. With a tradition of integrating modern and professional education, based on the latest technology applied, our university encourages students to go beyond academic and geographic boundaries in their pursuit of knowledge.

All the development strategies of our university are built on the education, research and contribution to society, triangle. Based on this philosophy our university aims at increasing the quality and effectiveness of education in the country, to facilitate the access of all to the education and to prepare a generation able to develop their own skills to their full potential.

The institutions’ attention is on forming the students both personally and culturally. In this context, the IC ensures that for each degree programme:


  • Proposes and coordinates programs to promote excellence and encourage the education of students with strong academic performance and top quality human resource abilities;
  • Offers a tutoring service to guide the choices and to develop effective study skills;
  • Organizes extra-curricular activities in the social, cultural and artistic, sports, tourism, entertainment, publishing and multimedia.


Since 2009 ILIRIA College changed its name due to the amendments in the state legislations (Law on Higher Education), where all Private Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo have changed their names from University to Colleges, maintaining the same organization structure of the institution and the degrees awarded. According to Law on Higher Education it can award degrees at all levels

ILIRIA College aims in expanding and consolidating the knowledge market in Kosovo and wider. In its years of operation, it has built an ambition of developing science research in the view of both improving teaching quality, and promoting competition between academic staff and implementation of modern trends of scientific development, and involvement of students thereon.

Within this view, having clear objectives related to the College vision, development of strategy and gradual implementation of its objectives, enabled an increased scientific research volume, and at the same time it enabled the ILIRIA College to be regarded as one of the leading research institutions in Kosovo, and with a merit-based position in the region.


International Cooperation and Research

In supporting and promoting research projects, ILIRIA College have managed to internationalize and further develop its scientific journal “ILIRIA International Review”. Its editorial board has many well-known international researchers who contribute in promoting research in the region. Its quality assurance mechanisms and its peer-review policies have increased the reputation of the journal and the impact of research.

One of the priorities of development, growth and capacity building of the ILIRIA College, is also Internationalization of the College. This is being achieved by increasing international exchanges, joint projects, academic practices, exchanging students and academic personnel, curriculum development etc.

ILIRIA College is a member of EURAS – Eurasian Universities Union (University Association with over 80 Universities), a founding member of ALUM - Adriatic Linked Universities (University Association with 20 member universities), a member of EUNIS – European University Information Systems (EU association with over 130 Members from EU Universities), and . It also established various collaborations with universities and partners such as Istanbul AYDIN University, Yeditepe University, Trakya University, Prishtina University, SEE University, Ruhr University Bochum, Kensington College of Business, University of Calabria, Sapienza University of Rome, University of Salzburg, State University of Tetovo, University of Nordland, Universitå Telematica Pegaso, Tallin University of Technology TUT, Budapesti Gazdasagi Foiskola – Budapest Business School (BBS), Universidade do Minho (UMinho), Universitata de Girona (UdG), Universita Degli Studi di Modena Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE), University of East Anglia, Universita’ LUM Jean Monnet, SUN Moon University, University of Edinburgh, University College Cork, University of Nebraska etc.

International collaboration and projects have so far been focused in:


  • Institutional Development and Research – by actively participating in 14 projects that support research and institutional development. These projects include 3 EU Funded projects (Tempus) with participation of more than 20 Higher Education Institution from the region and EU. Under the International Credit mobility projects, ILIRIA College has signed inter-institutional Agreement with 7 different Higher Education Institutions from EU. It has also implemented 3 local projects funded by the US government that support institutional Development.
  • Youth Exchange and Employability - through its Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD), ILIRIA College is participating in 8 EU projects within the Erasmus+ program, with participants from 50 different organizations.
  • Community Support and Rule of Law - With the support of USAID, ILIRIA College has participated in 4 projects to open its legal clinic. As a support to the community, ILIRIA College is providing free legal services for people that come from different vulnerable and marginalized groups.


Due to successful international collaboration, special programs have been established at the ILIRIA College: International Business Program (in collaboration with the Kensington College of Business), Annual Summer School (In collaboration with LUM Jean Monnet University), visiting professorship in the field of law (with the support of Center for International Legal Studies from Austria), establishment of The Center for Legal Clinical Studies (Supported by USAID), Microsoft IT Academy (Microsoft), CISCO Academy (CISCO) etc. This has improved greatly, keeping pace with the current trends of practicing with students, bringing in the experience of well-known professors in specific areas, revision, improvement and adapting the curriculum and comparing the contemporary developments and the demands in the country, with the developments and the international trends.

ILIRIA College is located in Prishtina, the capital city of the Republic of Kosovo with approximately 2 million inhabitants. Its location and infrastructure provides opportunities for unique experience for visiting researchers and students.


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