Bank, Finance and Accountability


Duration:  3 YEARS
ECTS:  180

Bank, Finance and Accountability Department will prepare experts – profile of the economists which currently are deficit cadres for Kosovo, as at this time has small number of cadres which are skilled to apply the international standards of financial reporting in the field of accountability as well as in right management with finances and in banking system in the conditions of trade economy.

Finance Department skills students of Economic Faculty in the field of finances, banks, assurance, budget, customs, international financial relations, stock exchanges, bonds and assets, accountability and leadership of accountability with computer.
This department creates capable cadres which know how to accomplish the duty of the auditor, in order to do the internal and external audit. Respectively, these cadres very easily can be licensed for the duty of the external auditor.
The students will be skilled to write, respectively to know in a right manner to present the financial situation of an enterprise, to prepare financial statements, to read in professional manner the financial statements, to present the existing economical situation, or results achieved based in various economical analysis. Candidates will be able to present in the best written manner the business trend or other trends, skill which is missing to the existing cadres which finished studies of this nature.
Graduated candidates in this Department will become experts of one of these fields and will be able to give their contribution as experts in state institutions, banks, assurance companies, customs, audit institutions, in State Institutions of Kosovo (Budget, Treasury, Tax Administration, etc.), in private enterprises, in  foreign companies, various economical institutions, in municipalities, in stock exchange, etc.


1. Macroeconomics I
2. Microeconomics I
3. Accounting
4. Statistics
5. Mathematics
6. Business Law
7. English Language I

ELECTIVE COURSES (two of the following)

1. Sociologies
2. Informatics Fundamentals 
3. Media Presentation Management 
4. Resources Economics 
5. Academic Writing I
6. Psychology
7. Optional Course
8. International Business Law


1. Financial Accounting
2. Bank and Banking Business   
3. Marketing   
4. Money and Finances   
5. Managerial Accounting

ELECTIVE COURSES (four of the following)

6. Microeconomics II 
7. Operational Research    
8. Academic Writing II   
9. International Business   
10. Management
11. Entrepreneurships
12. European Economic Integration   
13. English Language II   
14. Optional Course 


1. Corporate Finances
2. Financial Analysis   
3. Control and Revision  
4. Public Finances   
5. Financial Market and Financial Instruments   
6. Diploma paper and Practical Work 

ELECTIVE COURSES (three of the following)

7. Project Management 
8. Public Accounting   
9. International Finances   
10. Databases Management  
11. Economy of Transition   
12. Theory and Methods of Decision   
13. Financial Management   
14. Optional Course


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