Computer Sciences – Applied Informatics

Bachelor Studies

Duration:  3 years
ECTS:  180

The Applied Informatics program offers contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of applied informatics needed to professionally work in businesses which has to do with informative technology and their application for leading businesses, public services and institutions of a wide spectrum.

Program offers the opportunity to the students to obtain with knowledge and skills in accordance to the advanced dimensions of trade economy. Knowledge offered in the field of applied informatics will make possible to the students so that them could be able to apply the knowledge of informatics for the most possible effective management. 

Qualification of the students in computer laboratory will offer the possibility to the students to gain the needed practical skills.

Students will gain high level of knowledge in: Programming, Applicative Software, Management of Data Basis, and Projection of the Informative Systems, Multimedia Technologies, Management, Macroeconomic Analysis, Macroeconomics, Writing and Expressing of knowledge skills, Management of Human Resources, and other fields which will make possible the completion of the knowledge for management of a wide spectrum in one quite advanced level. 
Strong connection of the theoretical knowledge with the qualification of them in practice is base of the work of this faculty. Respectively students will be able to know to manage successfully in the conditions of trade economy, by knowing how to adapt their managerial actions opposite to the demands and specifics that are present in Kosovo. While, the skills gained in the field of informatics will increase the managerial level of the students to one high level.

With the knowledge gained in this faculty, students will be qualified to work with success: in business activities, in managing of informative systems, in managing of private and public enterprises, in managing of banks, public institutions, qualification in the field of informatics, especially in the field of programming, work in research institutes, institutes for consulting and various services.


First Year



1     Introduction to programming

2     Mathematics I

3     Digital Circuits Technology

4     Fundamentals of Electrotechnics

5     Algorithms & Data Structure

6     Web Languages

7     Computer Networks

8     Computer Architecture



 9      Academic Writing
10     English I
11     User Interface Design
12     Software Quality Assurance
13     Optional Course


Second Year


1     Database
2     Applied Software
3     Operating Systems
4     Object Oriented Programming
5     Artificial Intelligence
6     Software Engineering
7     Network Software



8     E-business
9     Operational Research
10   English II
11   Statistics


Third Year

Mayor Program: IT for Business (Third Year)




1     Accounting
2     Introduction to Business
3     Management
4     Project in S.E. (possible internship)
5     Microeconomics
6     Marketing
7     E-Governance
8     Diploma Thesis


Mayor Program: Database and Software Engineering (Third Year)




1     Advanced Database
2     Digital Communication Principles
3     Electronics I
4     Project in TIT (Possible Internship)
5     Transact SQL
6     Multimedia Design
7     Internet Security
8     Diploma Thesis


Mayor Program: Robotics and Mechatronics (Third Year)




1     Electronics I
2     Mathematics II
3     Mechanics
4     Project in Mechatronics (Possible Internship)
5     Robotics
6     Process Automatisation
7     Microcontroller
8     Diploma Thesis







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