International Relations and Diplomacy

Bachelor Studies

During:  3 years

ECTS:  180

The Faculty seeks to deepen the knowledge of the students for the Diplomacy and International Relations, based in the trust that the Diplomacy and International Relations, is a field of similar interest as for those who govern as well for those who are governed. The knowledge for the governing, for the internal and foreign politics, moreover details about specific legal sciences and other similar fields as are: economy, sociology, history and geopolitics, contribute so that as the governors and the governed to be fair. This knowledge it is important as well for relations of the nations in the world, as well as for the relations with the international and regional organizations and institutions in serving to the interest of peace in the world, peace which will be based in the standards of justice and of equality.
The Faculty aims at making possible to its students to deepen their knowledge for the Diplomacy and International Relations and relations of these fields with the other part of the human sciences, and this will help the faculty achieving these main objectives:
1.    To prepare and qualify the graduates so that they can be able to be employed in those fields of the civil service where specific qualifications are required, as are the accomplishment of diplomatic duties or consular in their respective countries. This special field is a point of concentration of the students where they join the specialization in diplomatic field, something that helps them so that beside the general knowledge for the international relations to gain as well specialized knowledge;   

2.    To prepare the qualified graduates to obtain positions in regional organizations, international ones, governmental or non-governmental, through specialization in international relations, without obstructed these students into obtaining expertise and knowledge as well in diplomatical sciences;

3.    To prepare the qualified graduates to be employed in companies and private enterprises to work in the field of international relations, and here to them will be helping the knowledge that they have for the diplomacy and for the international relations, for fulfilling the needs of the market, not just based on supplying the needs, but as well based in the political developments. This fits up the students as well with one other dimension of knowledge in this dominant system of globalization and dominant features, which has to do with it.

4.    To prepare the qualified graduates to work in private and state centers for strategic and political researches.


1 Hyrje në marrëdhënie ndërkombëtare  
2 Bazat e teorisë së diplomacisë  
3 Bazat e shkencave politike  
4 Teoritë e së drejtës dhe shtetit  
5 Historia e diplomacisë shqiptare I 
6 Anglishte profesionale  
7 Historia Politike e Ballkanit  
8 Diplomacia bashkëkohore shqiptare II   

LËNDËT ZGJEDHORE (tre  nga lëndët e mëposhtme)

9 Hyrje në të drejtën kushtetuese  
10 Menaxhimi i prezantimit medial  
11 Historia e civilizimeve  
12 Sociologjia Politike  
13 Statistikë  
14 Lëndë opcionale   


1 Teoria e Marrëdhënieve Ndërkombëtare  
2 Diplomacia Botërore  
3 Gjeopolitikë dhe Gjeostrategji  
4 Sistemet politike krahasuese  
5 Praktika Diplomatike  
6 Diplomacia Publike  
7 Gjuhë angleze II   

LËNDËT ZGJEDHORE (katër  nga lëndët e mëposhtme)

8 Lidershipi politik  
9 Globalizmi 

10 Ekonomia Ndërkombëtare  
11 Hyrje në të drejtën administrative  
12 Shkrim Akademik I  
13 Politika e jashtme amerikane  
14 Komunikimi ndërkulturor  
15 Siguria ndërkombëtare  
16 Lëndë opcionale


1 Organizatat Ndërkombëtare  
2 E drejta ndërkombëtare  
3 Politikat dhe institucionet e BE-së 
4 Metodologjia e Kërkimit Shkencor  
5 Negociatat Diplomatike  
6 Diplomacia e re ekonomike globale  
7 Punimi i diplomës & puna praktike  

LËNDËT ZGJEDHORE (katër nga lëndët e mëposhtme)

8 Konfliktet Ndërkombëtare  
9 Filozofia Politike  
10 Lindja e Mesme  
11 Të drejtat e njeriut  
12 Mendimi Politik Shqiptar  
13 Politikat Publike  
14 Politika e jashtme & diplomacia  
15 Lëndë opcionale


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