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Management and Informatics

Master Studies

During: 2 years

ECTS: 120

Master Studies in Management and Informatics within the Faculty of Management and Informatics qualifies students by offering advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of management, needed to lead the businesses, public services and institutions of a wide spectrum.

Master Program in Management and Informatics offers the possibility so that students to be obtained with knowledge and skills in accordance with advanced dimensions of trade economy. The knowledge gained in the field of management will make possible to the students so that they will gain advanced knowledge for the more effective management. A possibility to gain needed theoretical and practical skills on management will be the students.

The aim of the Master Studies on Management is to qualify the students in developing managerial creativity, in taking decisions, in theoretical and practical aspect for managerial duties and role of the managers in economical development, especially in development of private initiative. Master program is supported in the experiences of profiles qualifications, similar to the European and American Universities.



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