Bank Finance and Accountability

Master Studies in Bank Finance and Accountability, within the Economic Faculty- Department Bank, Finance and Accountability, will prepare experts which currently are deficit cadres for Kosovo, as at the present has small cadres which are qualified to apply the international standards of financial reporting in the field of accountability as well as to the right managing with finances and within the bank system in the conditions of the trade economy.
Finance’ Department qualifies students of Economic Faculty in the field of finances, banks, assurances, budget, customs, international financial relations, business with stock exchange and bonds, accountability and management of accountability with computer.

This department creates qualified cadres which will be able to accomplish the duty of auditor, in order to do the internal as well as the external audit. Respectively, these cadres very easy can be licensed for the duty of external auditor.

Students will be qualified to write, respectively to know to present the financial situation of the enterprise in the right way, to prepare financial statements, to read in a professional way financial statements, to present the existing economical situation, or results achieved based on various economical analysis. Candidates will be able to present in the best way trends of the business or other trends, skill which is absent at the cadres which has finished studies of this nature.
Offering of the knowledge for the students about the finances of the business, those public or international, banks in the aspect of management and modern banking operations, as well in the field of accountability and audit, in conformity with the international standards.

Program is built under the base of the contemporary trend of upon mentioned fields and it is compatible with those of modern countries.
 After finishing the Master studies in this department students will be qualified in theoretical and practical aspect and will be able to be successfully switched as professionals in the upon mentioned segments in Kosovo Labour Market and wider, as well to form a solid base for continuing PhD Studies.



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