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The Institute for Research and Science (IRS)

The Institute for Research and Science of the ILIRIA College has been created to generate scientific research activities which will serve to the society.

ILIRIA College, by taking in consideration the low level of scientific research work done in the Universities of Kosovo and by being aware of the great needs for scientific research which demonstrates each social field in Kosovo, has decided to dedicate main importance to the scientific research activity inside the College. This will make possible as well, that the time that one teaching professor spends in the scientific research activity, to be close to the European standards, in the meaning of the relation teaching - scientific activity.

The Institute for Research and Science contains of professors of the ILIRIA College, which their experience and their knowledge, dedicate in the context of researching various cases and thematic of an interest. Additionally, this office realizes various donations, which are offered to the College for Research and Studies. Furthermore, the office uses as well the intern funds of the ILIRIA College, funds which need the active participation of the students in the researching developed by the office.

This office reports to the Board of the ILIRIA College, which is the main authority for approving the scientific research policies as well as study policies. The office collaborates closely with the Publishing Office, by periodically publishing materials which present result of the studies, as well specific literature about scientific research methodology, materials of a great interest for the students and wider. The institute for Research and Science organizes meetings, roundtables, scientific conferences in which the results of research can be made public and can be debated.

The Institute for Research and Science prepares scientific research projects and competes as such in research market of Kosovo and wider. It collaborates with various Kosovar and international companies and institutions by exchanging and putting together each other’s capacities. This makes possible for the ILIRIA College to fulfill one important criteria of functioning system of a one modern College: offering services for the society.

The Institute for Research and International Relations

Getoar Lubeniqi PhD c.
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