International Scientific Journal “ILIRIA”

This journal is a product of the ILIRIA College, putted as an instrument in the way of affirmation of knowledge and the science, that this educational institution with serious and responsible work is achieving high stages of scientific education and currently is taking place within the frame of the elite universities of the region and abroad. 

This journal, currently nonexistent in its original name as a result of advancement in the international arena, with its specifics takes the meaning of one international journal. In this journal, the people of science from various world countries had the opportunity in few years to publish their scientific papers in their mother tongue language. By this approach the journal has created its unique character. This approach, beside others, has made possible that the International Scientific Journal ILIRIA to be therefore part of many libraries of universities and other scientific known institutions worldwide.  

The International Scientific Journal ILIRIA, in its original name and structure has been published in four alternately years: No. 1/2007, No.2/2008, No.3/2009 and No.4/2010.

Within its publishing Board this journal included: 7 Kosovar members, 2 Albanian members, 1 American member and 1 German member. While the Editorial Board of the journal included: 7 Kosovar members, 2 Macedonian members, 1 American member, 1 Britanian member, 1 Canadian member, 1 Israeli member and 1 Albanian member.

The presented papers within this journal are of a multidisciplinary character and coming from experts, professors, scientists from Kosovo, region and worldwide, which are presented as following:

1. International Scientific Journal “ILIRIA”, Number 1/2007

Author/s                                               Title of the scientific paper

Dr. Mixhait Reçi                                                 One new publication in science; 

Akademik Pajazit Nushi                         Psychoanalytic thought, social and human sciences and the art;

Zejnullah Gruda, PhD                             The issue of responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity- a contribution for the establishment of common truest and cooperation;

Dr. Fred Hullerum  &                                                                                 

Dr. Bernhard Fritzen                               Über die notwendigkeit der lösung der serbischen verfassungskrise;

Dr. Vesel Latifi                                      Discovering and the fighting the corruption;

Dr. Nuri Bashota                                    Market economy- primary duty in the document “Standards for Kosovo”;

Dr. Riza Smaka                                     Contract for the international transaction of products according to CIZG;

Dr. Skender Berisha                              Globalization-Inevitable process ;

Moshe Landsman PhD                          Happiness, children with special needs, their parents and caretakers;

Dr. Mujë Gjonbalaj                                 Kosovë The importance of labour market and the employment policies in Kosovo;

Dr. Muhamet Kelmendi                          Nation and national self-decision;

Dr. Enver Hasani                                   Closure of the process of heritage of Former-Yugoslavia;

Dr. Nerxhivane Dauti                              Few important issues about the characteristics and juridical technique of linking contracts - formularies;

Dr. Hava Bujupaj – Ismajli                      Syndicate, the international corporate in the administrative procedure;

Dr. Agur Sokoli                                     Decisions and conclusions in the administrative procedure;

Dr. Hamdi Podvorica                             Adaption in the new legal regulative;

Dr. Rexhep Gashi                                  The position of penal actions actors according to the regulation no. 2004/34 “about penal procedure where are included actors with mental disorders”;

Dr. Knut Midgaard                                 Om kjennetegn ved og betingelser for legitimt, rettferdig og godt politik styre;

Dr. Fejzulla Berisha                                State of the right – the highest value of democracy;

Dr. Veton Vula                                      Computer criminality as new form of criminality phenomenology;

Dr. Shpresa Hoxha                                The contribution of William Martin Leake in the field of the Albanian studies;

Dr. Halil Kukaj                                       Free zones as an opportunity for attraction of foreign investments ;

Dr. Petrit Pollozhani                               Development strategy of economical sectors in the Republic of Macedonia for its incorporation in the world integration processes ;

Dr. Myrvete Badivuku – Pantina             Agreements of free trade between Kosovo and region countries of Western Balkans;

Dr. Ramiz Livoreka                                Relevant arguments for continuity and acceleration of the privatization process of Economy of Kosovo;

Dr. Mustafë Blakaj                                 Natural potential for produce of electrical energy in Kosovo.

2. International Scientific Journal “ILIRIA”, Number 2/2008

Author/s                                               Title of the scientific paper

Dr. Nuri Bashota                                    Transformation process of social property in Kosovo and its challenges;

Dr. Kurtesh Salihu                                 Kosovo was a constitutional unit of Former Yugoslavian Federation and its independence is legal;

Lisen Bashkurti                                      Negotiations in Versailles System;

Dr. Riza Smaka                                     The solution of the contests in legal-business transactions;

Dr. Drita Kruja                                       A comparative analysis of student learning styles in hospitality and tourism management; 

Dr. Anastas Angjeli                                “The Anticrises global Alliance” and Albania;

Dr. Bekim Baliqi                                    Theories for the national and state identity;

Dr. Nerxhivane Dauti                              The freedom on contraction;

Dr. Myrvete Badivuku – Pantina             Kosovo’s trade exchange with regional and European Union countries ;

Dr. Minevere Morina – Rashiti                 Sociological empiricism and the indicative facts of the genocidal phenomena;

Dr. Ercan Gundogan                              J. J. Roussea and the theory of the general will: An introduction;

Dr. Avdullah Robaj                                Efforts of Kosovo for building a legal state;

Dr. Azem Hajdari                                   Few of successes and failures of the UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) in managing of penal right’ system;

Dr. N. Muhaxheri, F. Mekuli                    Fundamental feature of conditions in which are been developed the contemporary touristic happenings in the legal world;

Lenka Brown                                         EU enlargment and its impacts on EU structural policy implementation after the year 2013;

Ambassador Bashkim Rama                  Demographic and geopolitical aspect of the Albanians in Balkan and its challenges;

Dr. Zeqir Demi                                      Education System in Kosova 1980 – 1990 (Analytical View);

Mr. Islam Qerimi                                    Institutions of blood feud and revenge to the Albanians.

3. International Scientific Journal “ILIRIA”, Number 3/2009

Author/s                                               Title of the scientific paper

Dr. Sc. Nuri Bashota                              Connectionism and the long-term development strategy;

Dr. Sc. Riza Smaka                               Discourse about origins of two colossus of antiquity, Aristotle and Leka the Great;

Dr. Sc. Qemal Buçinca                          Authority, styles of leadership and the culture of management of the Organizative systems of the country;

Dr. Sc. Shpresa Hoxha                          William Martin Lake about the stretch of the Albanians in today’ Greece;

Dr. Sc. Gjon Boriçi                                Vienna Congress;

Dr. Sc. Esmeralda Uruçi, 

MBA Albana Boriçi – Begani                  Globalization and the World Economy;

Dr. Sc. Mazllum Baraliu                          Demonstrations of the year 1968 and the political prison’ convictions of the Albanians until 1981;

Nicholas M. Zacchea, PHD                    National audit offices and accountability, transparency, and oversight: Essential elements of good governance;

Mr. Sc. Arbëresha Raça – Shala             Females and penal actions of mistreat 

and abandoning of children;

Mr. Sc. Kadri Kryeziu                             Presidential elections in USA and the perspective of the international relation USA in Kosovo;

Mr. Sc. Alketa Vangjeli                          Trade liberalization and the economical growth: Albania Case;

Mr. Sc. Feti Limani                                Preparation tactical methods of  discovering the penal actions against public traffic safe;

Mr. Sc. Sadri Rexhepi                            Middle age Arbanian’ Onomanistics of Dardania;

Mr. Sc. Agim Kurmehaj                          Penal responsibility and disciplinary one of the members of the Kosovo’ Policy according to the actual legislation;

Mr. Sc. Qamil Gjyrezi                             Psychotherapy and therapy of arts;

Mr. Sc. Venet Shala                               The strategy of management of the small and medium businesses and main challenge for the economical development of Kosovo 169;

Dr. Sc. Sylë Tahirsylaj, 

Mr. Sc. Agim Asllani                              Bioclimatic and bioclimatic’ accessories in the Republic of Kosovo;

Dr. Sc. Nebi Dervishi                             Ethno genesis of  Torbeshs;

Dr. Sc. Berim Ramosaj                          The development and the perspective of 

management of the Kosovar businesses;

Dr. Sc. Skënder Ahmeti, 

Dr. Sc. Ymer Havolli                              Trade flows and the impact in the development of SMEs;

Mr. Sc. Sadri Ramabaja                                     Metamorphoses of geopolitics.

4. International Scientific Journal “ILIRIA”, Number 4/2010

Author/s                                               Title of the Scientific Paper

Dr. Ilir Kaduku                                       Selection of the fiscal politics in Albania;

Dr. Nuri Bashota                                    Economical development of Kosovo, yesterday, today and in perspective;

Dr. Zeki Bejtullahu                                 Orders and rankings;

Dr. Sinan Ademaj                                  Macroeconomic aspects of transformation and privatization of the social enterprises in Kosovo;

Dr. Nail Reshidi

Mr. Vjosa Mullatahiri                              Marketing management in the sector of wood proceeding;

Dr. Nexhat Muhaxheri; 

Mr. Fëllanza Mekuli                                Development context of risk monitoring;

Dr. Ilir Kaduku                                       The historic of the economical policy of the insurance in Albania;

Mr. Albana Gazija                                  The role of satisfaction of the employees in reduction of the abstention and of the fluctuation;

Mr. Arta Selmanmusa                            The role of the communication of managers in success of enterprises;

Mr. Shkëlzen Bashota                            The role of the population in the scientific development of the Republic of Kosovo;

Dr. Avdullah Robaj                                Decisions of Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania;

Dr. Kadri Bicaj                                       The criminological aspects and juridical upon narcotics; 

Mr. Kadri Kryeziu                                               Pluralism and democratization;

Mr. Bardhok Bashota                             Super nationalism – Theory and practice;

Dr. Bakir Kelmendi; 

Mr. Dëfrime Berisha; 

Dr. Ismajl Cacaj                                     Research of few parameters of the variety of winter wheat from the regional countries, cultivated in the archeological conditions of Kosovo;

Mr. Dëfrime Berisha; 

Dr. Bakir Kelmendi                                Research of few cultures of Netherland in the archeological conditions of Kosovo.




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