The Electronic Students’ Journal – ILIRIA Student

The Electronic Students’ Journal is a journal which is published by the ILIRIA College, respectively from the students publishing office of the institution.

This electronic journal has as an aim opening discussions and debates about students’ and academical issues and in the frame of the ILIRIA College.

The journal is dedicated to sciences, critics, free expression, quality, education and students’ life as the entire. It includes facts and info on science, actualities, opinions, analysis, investigations, innovations ,comments and essays which provoke the critical thinking about contemporary and actual socio-economical, cultural, legal, political and sports developments, as well serves as a relevant and trusted instrument where students of the institution and wider can address all matters of concerns.

The Electronic Students’ Journal is a students’ publication with which the institution intends to create one journal beside others, firstly of a scientific character, by respecting the citizenship traditions and country cultural ones.

The editorial policy of the journal is open for contributors, which can be outstanding students and academics interested to be part of the editorial board.

The submission of papers and other writings of the students’ interested to publish their work, can be addressed in: [email protected]




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