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Publications and Publishing office of the ILIRIA College

This unit of the institution is dedicated to incitement, development and presentation of the relevant, contemporary and inovative data of the academic and scientific community, inside and outside of the institution. This process accomplishes based on sustainable models of review, publishing and distribution of these data in the academic and scientific level.

This office ensures the publishing of the university books in continuance, of the scientific journal, conference papers, seminars, workshops, scientific guidance, brochures and informatory. This mission, the office realizes based on the aim which is offering to the students, teaching assistants, professor and other academic and scientific community in the ILIRIA College and similar communities worldwide, relevant and inovative data of various scientific fields.

The staff of this unit, the services and the advanced methods of the functioning system, based on contemporary technology and under the international accepted standards of academic and scientific publishing, ensures to this office the quality, the sustainability and credibility needed that the ILIRIA College to be one credible institution for publishing of the latest finding from various authors. 

Each publication of this unit releases, passes through one technical and substantial review from the respective expert coming from Kosovo, region and the world, by this way ensuring their acceptance from eminent circles. In this manner, already, many of the ILIRIA College publications have reached to be part of the electronic and non-electronic worldwide libraries, as references for the academic and scientific community.

University Books Published by the ILIRIA College

The publication of University Books and Study Texts is one of the high important issues for the institution. This process is realized aiming to offer to the students, academics and scholars, researchers to enrich their referring literature with relevant and credible sources during their studies and research in various scientific disciplinary fields.

The academic staff and scholars with reputation from the country, region have published in continuance scientific and academic books with latest development in the field of sciences and practical sciences of the country, region and wider.

Our institution, so far has stayed closed to the authors of many books and studies, so that through multiply technical and substantial assistance, to ensure that their work to be published and to be putted in disposition for the students, scholars, academics and to the entire academic and scientific community.

In these university publications, scientific studies, the authors present their analysis of the result of their latest findings in respective scientific field.

So far, ILIRIA College has reached to support the publication of these following university and other scientific books:

Publications on Economic Field

Title of the Publication Name of the Author/s

"Management Accounting" (Prishtina, 2008) Dr. Sc. Skënder Ahmeti

"Financial Accounting (First Part)" (Prishtinë, 2007) Dr. Sc. Skënder Ahmeti

"Financial Accounting (Second Part)" (Prishtina, 2007) Dr. Sc. Skënder Ahmeti

"Marketing" (Prishtina, 2006) Bardhyl Ceku & Nail Reshidi

"Managing of Organizative Systems" (Prishtina, 2006) Dr. Sc. Qemal Y. Buçinca

"Mathematics for Business and Ekonomiks" (Prishtina, 2006) Faton M. Berisha & Muharrem Q. Berisha 

"The integration of Europe in to EU" (Prishtina, 2008) Driton Tali

“The Albanian matter and political-economical integration”  (Prishtina, 2007) Prof. Dr. Pajazit Nushi

"Pilgrimage of the European Union" (Prishtina, 2006) Dr. Sc. Shpresa Shehu-Kursani

"Management" (Prishtina, 2005) Prof .dr. Berim Ramosaj

"Menagment Accounting" (Prishtina, 2011) New publication Dr. Skënder Ahmeti

Publications on Juridical and Diplomatical Field

Title of the Book          Name of the Author/s

“The right of penal procedure”(Prishtina, 2006)  Dr. Azem Hajdari

 “The right of the international business” (Prishtina, 2006)  Prof. Dr. Riza Smaka

“Parliamentary Democracy and the state of the right in the Republic of Albania” (Prishtina, 2007)  Dr.Sc. Avdullah Robaj

"Family Law"(Prishtinë, 2006)  Dr. Sc. Hamdi Podvorica

“Juridical-Civil responsibility at the construction contract” (Prishtina, 2006) Dr. Sc. Hamdi Podvorica

“The juridical-political view of the Albanian matteron the brink of the last war in Kosovo (1990-1998)” (Prishtina, 2006) Dr. Sc. Muhamet Kelmendi

"Election Law" (Prishtina, 2007) Mr. Sc. Kadri Kryeziu

"Collision of Laws" (Prishtina, 2007) Hajredin Kuçi & Asllan Bilalli

“Kosovo before liberation from the Serbian-Slav invader” (Prishtina, 2008)  Dr. Sc. Muhamet Kelmendi

 “St. Pali, the evangelisistic of the Illyrians” Jubilee scientific meeting  (Prishtina, 10 June 2009)  ILIRIA College

 “Drugs, narkomania and criminality in the world” (Prishtina, 2010) Dr. Sc. Kadri Bicaj

 “The analysis of the public policies” (Prishtina, 2011) Prof. Dr. Bekim Baliqi

“Crucifixion Anthology Russia and the Albanian Matter (1878-2012)” (Prishtina, 2012) Dr. Islam Lauka &  Prof. Dr. Eshref Ymeri

“Law of Penal Procedure” Special Part / (Prishtina, 2013)  Dr. Azem Hajdari

Publications on Medical Field

“Public Health” Prishtina, 2013Prof. Dr. Azis K. Pollozhani



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