The Office for Support of the Graduates

ILIRIA College has established and has putted in full function, in its entire capacity, the office for Academical Counseling and Support to the Graduates. This office will put attention and will follow the professional development as well the career of each graduate who comes from the auditoriums of the ILIRIA College. 

In few other words, students of the ILIRIA College will continue to be active continual part of the ILIRIA Community, by taking counsels, by including technical assistance, by following various courses, by using partnerships of the ILIRIA College within and outside of Kosovo.

Partnerships for employment ILIRIA College has set for the sustainable collaborations with various local and international institutions. These partnerships have to do with the assistance that ILIRIA College provides to these institutions and with advantages that the students of ILIRIA College has for employment to these institutions. This does so that the ILIRIA College to be one powerful partner, trusted and with credibility in Kosovo, to the entire employing institutions. In the other hand, ILIRIA College has the enjoyment to have this status.



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