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ILIRIA Debate Club

ILIRIA Debate Club develops competitions between debaters as well it rewards the best of them. The level and the type of training are lectures and exercises of British Parliamentary Debate style.

The goal of this training course is preparation of the students of the ILIRIA University for the constructive and argued debate by using the fundamental data of British Debate Format which is British Parliamentary Debate. During the trainings to the students are provided the needed literature about the techniques for drafting of strategies during the debate performance. Students have the possibility to be qualified for team work, work under the pressure, etc. 

The expectations after finishing the training course are: 

  • Excellent Debating Skills of the Students;
  • Qualified Students to participate within and outside the country Competitions;
  • Good Communicative Skills;
  • Experience in transmitting this experience to the next generations;

Trainings are held through lectures, exercises of the debate, debate practices, team/group work, simulations, written and speaking assignments.

The best debaters are rewarded with Lap Tops, I-Pods and few other rewards. While the members which follow the trainings hold certificates by the ILIRIA College, which prove about the successful completion of these trainings.



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ILIRIA Debate Club

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