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Information Technology-IT Office

Already is known for the public, that the ILIRIA College is the most equipped education institution with contemporary technology in Kosovo. Rest of this technological standard it is a duty and merit mainly of the Office for Information Technology. This office contains ambitious and considerable experienced youth compare to the age that they have, in the field of Information Technology.

The Office for Information Technology manages to the smallest details the entire activities and equipments that are related to the Information Technology. Additionally, members of the office are in service of the entire students, for assistance during the time of their stay to the ILIRIA College Campus.

The office cares about the well functioning of the work with various software which the Administration Office of the ILIRIA College uses and collaborates closely with specific sub-contractors which assist in continual and constant perfection of the programs used by students, professorship and the administration.

The Office of Information Technology is depended direct to the Rector of the College, which provides his recommendations about the best servicing to the students.

The Office for Information Technology maintains as well the entire data basis of the College, by making possible the easier access and without problems of them, by the academic staff and the administration of the College. Moreover, this office is co-organizer in technological aspect, of the entire activities within and outside the college, ideated by the ILIRIA College.


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