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International Student Identity Card – ISIC

The International Student’s Travel Card- ISTC was established in 1949 by university student unions to make a travel and communications among students with various worldwide countries. ISTC is specialized in securing benefits in the areas of flights, insurance, ground transport, work exchange programmes and international identity cards, etc.

ISTC Network includes over 5,000 offices in over 100 countries of over 10 million student joined per year. Due to its program for the students the International Confederation for Students has as well the International Cards for the Students – ISIC.

ISIC is accepted by UNESCO- Organization of United Nations for Science, Education and Culture, since the year 1968 as the only international unique document for the students.

With ISIC Card the Status of the Kosovar Students is already known as well internationally as regular university students and as such they possess the entire benefitions that the possession of such card, as are discounts in airplane ticket prices, train, ships, museums, various world cultural centers, various sportive attractions and concerts, hotels, libraries, trade centers, restaurants, McDonalds as well many other services.

With ISIC Cards, Kosovar Students already have the access in the network of 5,000 world organizations for specialized trips, for tripping services for the students in 106 countries.


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