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The continual supply of the library with needed literature for the students and for scientific research institutions is a dedication of the institution. Library of the College is sufficient enriched with titles of professional books and with a considerable number of copies, with the dynamic of rapid growth.

Supply and enrichment of the library with literature is a continual process. Supply and Mangament of the library has a special importance in the advancement of the quality of study. The supply work and managing of the library the College defines with the Regulation of the Library.

In the Informative System of Managing the College has the adequate software which presents the systematical use of the adequate literature in the library. In this case, the evidence of the users is done and of the scholars during the year. The Quality Assurance Office, by this system, are introduced with the literature in disposition, the level of its use, are introduced with the reflections of the readers of various fields, something that gives the functioning of the library one real connotation of the learning-studying environment. Reading room is in disposition of the students’ 24hrs/day.



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