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The Office for Master Studies

The Office for Master Studies is a central administrative office of the ILIRIA College which activity has to do with the issues related to Master Studies. It is an office responsible for the organizing, managing and monitoring of quality assurance of Master Programs.

The office for Master Studies within the ILIRIA College:

* It is in permanent collaboration with the academic and administrative staff;

* Offers support to the entire students and staff involved in these level of studies;

Staff of the office welcomes the entire opportunities for discussion and exchange of ideas related with the administrative and academical processes with actual students, future students and the engaged staff. The aim of the Office for Master Studies is:

* To make research enjoyable experience and intellectually incentive for the entire individuals that are engaged in this direction;

* To offer to the students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge because only in this manner they will be able to give their contribution for the well-being of the country and wider. The recommendation of the Office for the entire interested is that before continuing master studies to answer to the question:

Why Master Studies?

If you will form a stand for the reasons why you are willing to continue studies in master level and what you are expecting to gain from these, there is no doubt that You will reach your goals and will prosper the best from your Master Studies.

Which could be the reasons for following Master?

* Reaching of specific goals in career;

* Realization of employment perspective;

* Special interest in the academic field;

* Professionalism;

* Willingness for switching to one other field of study;

It is important that firstly to think if you will possess: 

* Needed motivation;

* Academical skills;

* Financial means for finishing studies;

 The Office for Master Studies does serious attempts in such manner so to have impact in the development and advancement of these studies and all this, we trust that will be able to create one new climate and better for the future.

Staff of the Office it is located in the Building 01, of the ILIRIA College Campus and it welcomes all interested individuals for consultations.


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