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Thank You USA

The Role of the United States of America has been constant, essential and irreplaceable. USA has always been a point of powerful reference for the Albanian population in its most difficult periods. As well the contribution of the USA in rebuilding and development of Post-War Kosovo has been essential in serving to the stability of Kosovo.

To express the respect, gratitude and the love that the youth and the people of Kosovo feels for America, with the initiative of the students of the ILIRIA College with support of the entire student’ youth and of Kosovo’ citizens (with financial support by the ILIRIA College) since 2006 was initiated to be organized the annual activity: “Thanksgiving Days of Kosovo for the United States”.

The annual activity: “Thanksgiving Days of Kosovo for the United States” is organized in the period of time of the occasion of traditional celebration of the American nation “Thanksgiving Days”. This activity is organized under the motto:

“Thankfulness, Solidarity and Support for the United States”.

The activities which are organized in the frame of “Thanksgiving Days of Kosovo for the United States” are:

  • Conferences;
  • Roundtable Debates;
  • Scientific Symposiums;
  • Books’ Promotion;
  • Artistic Exhibitions;
  • Visits;
  • Thanksgiving Caravans in Bondsteel Camp;
  • Honorary lectures from various well-known personalities and/or various representatives of the higher local and international institutions and organizations Cocktails;
  • Big Festive Artistic concert with eminent artists in the center of Prishtina;
  • Watching movie documentaries;
  • Youth manifestations in the city of Prishtina;
  • Ceremonial walking with flags and stamps of the United States;
  • Other.
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Thank You USA

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