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Speech of the President
Prof. Dr. Mixhait Reçi

In the occasion of Graduation Ceremony

Prof. Dr Mixhait Reçi

Sir and Madams,

By warmly greeting you, on behalf of the ILIRIA College, I have the special enjoyment to be addressed to you today, in this greatly special and meaningful occasion for all of us.

It is my special satisfaction to congratulate today for your participation in the Absolvent Promotion Ceremony of the ILIRIA College. A day, which all of us have expected with eagerness, since the start of studies of this generation, three years ago.

This is the time when we feel proud for the achievements of our students and we congratulate them for these achievements.

As you are informed, our students are proven contributors of the economical and social development of Kosovo. They are part of the Government or members of Parliament. They are active participants in the advancement of policies’ drafting, by working in the institutions of Kosovo or research institutions. Excellent managers in Customs Service of Kosovo. Experts that offer their contribution in Banking System by working as experts in Central Bank of Kosovo and those in commercial or in micro financial systems. They offer their contribution in Education Sector by being excellent teachers.

Our graduated students are almost all employed. They are proven as creators and leaders of many powerful businesses in Kosovo and abroad.

As experts in legal fields, of the diplomacy, of the management and of the international business, bank and finance, and of the computer sciences, our students are proven as contributors in many important fields of social and economical life in Kosovo and abroad.

Dear Absolvent, Dear families!

As always we had many activities which prospered furthermore the level of the institution:

• ILIRIA College together with 8 Universities of other countries founded “The Network of the Adriatic Universities”;

• President of the ILIRIA College became a member of the Club of Rectors of Europe;

• In Oxford University in solemn ceremony ILIRIA College received the price “European Quality Award”;

• We realized the scientific journal which holds impact factor, the only in region countries, which is accepted in world scientific’ circle. This journal, recently was promoted in Berlin, Germany;

• We received a precious gift from the American Army, Center of Education, supported by the University of Maryland and Texas College, in Bondsteel Camp, one library of books with thousand of scientific titles’ books in English Language;

• We received a gift, as well greatly precious one. One complete gallery of paintings, from the well known Albanian painter in Paris, France – Omer Kaleshi;

• We organized the “International Colony of Paintings” of painters coming from Germany, Austria, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo and many other countries which gave valuable paintings to the ILIRIA College;

• We created the club of Robotics and Mechatronics and many other clubs, for the good of students;

• We organized numerous scientific conferences;

• We had visiting lecturers from United States of America, Europe and other countries;

• We awarded with the honorary title “Doctor Honoris Causa” the number one expert in the world of marketing science – Professor Philip Kotler;

• As members of the “Secretariat of the Association of Eurasian Universities–EURAS”, we developed the activity of collaboration with lots of universities;

• We realized a series of activities and investments which move up higher moreover, the academic and scientific level of the ILIRIA College;

• To not be reserved, I will cite the official evaluation of foreign experts of the Accreditation (from England and other countries): “ILIRIA College has the highest level compare to the other institutions in Kosovo, for the same accredited programs”;

• By His Great Majesty Leka I – Kind of the Albanians, ILIRIA College has received “Royal”;

• We created the information system of the students, online system for the lecturing classes, exercises, submission of the exams, evaluations, consultations, etc.;

• Radio Plus – where the students can practice and develop their communication understanding.

Dear Absolvents!

I invite you, that in this great run-up for knowledge and professional development, to graduate as fast as possible. I encourage to not stop your studies after you finish your Bachelor studies, but immediately, as employed or not, to continue your Master studies, in Kosovo and abroad, as because the global competition of knowledge, it’s necessary, in order for you to be triumphant. Kosovo and the nation in general needs you and your knowledge, needs your brighten intellect and your vision for the life and work. By learning, you contribute to yourself, to your families, to the present and to the future of the country as well to the society.

Dear Absolvents!

You parents have sacrificed for your schooling in all levels of your education. They made the best investments in their lives, by being dedicated in their children. We respect and greet your parents and your families. You are the most valued part of their lives. From you are expected that your knowledge and your experiences won, to powerfully use in order to be triumphant in the war of competition.

We as an institution have worked so you to be professionally skilled, to be excellent experts, but as well we have worked so you to build up the decision making skill. To you we have built the trust and the powerful will to be accessed to the work, so that work, the responsibility, and creativity in work to characterize you and those to be your virtues, which necessarily will lead you in permanent success.

We as an Institution of Higher Education, since the starts have been responsible for the mission we have taken. Therefore, we feel satisfied that this responsibility toward the Homeland and the Nation, we are realizing successfully. For this reason, we are leaders and powerful contributors in the development of Educational System in Kosovo.

Dear Absolvents!

We hope today, to enjoy the entire ceremony of our absolvent promotion and we believe to be the special happening which will remain forever in your memory.

Thank you – Wish you a success!


ILIRIA College – European Quality Award

ILIRIA College Vacancy 2012/2013

ILIRIA International Review

Thank You USA

ILIRIA Debate Club

Omer Kaleshi Gallery

ILIRIA College honored Philip Kotler with the title “Doctor Honoris Causa”