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ILIRIA College

ILIRIA College

ILIRIA College is a modern college, where it is interlaced the educational tradition with the contemporary concepts of education. One modern college, where the student it is putted in center of it and only the student, which is the philosophy of the ILIRIA College.

This college has been founded and it functions exactly to secure offering qualitative education for the new generations.

The staffs, the programs, learning materials, teaching methodology, equipments, surroundings, activities, etc., are all in the service of qualitative forming of each student which enters to the auditoriums of the ILIRIA College. The difficulties of each student are life concern of the ILIRIA College, while the success of each student it is a motivation for continual work with superior quality.

ILIRIA College aims and works to forming cadres with high national self-consciousness. This is the reason why ILIRIA College is inseparable and natural part of the World Elite Universities: Royal! ILIRIA College in organization of its internal work supports the idea of the universities in creation of elites and that these elites should have knowledge and self consciousness for the nation’ interests. Formation of the elites and our dedication, national spirit, is our inspiration!

ILIRIA College provides excellent opportunities for the ambitious youth members, which have the willingness to follow University studies, by offering the interaction of the theory and practice, preparation for the immediate needs of the future of the society, orientation set toward one academical, research or other related institution.



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ILIRIA College honored Philip Kotler with the title “Doctor Honoris Causa”