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Why with us?

THE ACADEMIC STAFF- The staff of the ILIRIA College has been selected from the highest level of the academic interalbanian and of the international world;
•CURRICULUM – Based in the contemporary developments and the needs of the country, applied in prestigious universities of Europe and World;
•LEARNING AND PRACTICE – Orientation of the students toward practice in the manner that beside appropriation of the theoretical knowledge, to be skilled as well in practice;
•PERSONALIZED TEACHING – Small study groups and the individual and direct communication;
•Because the forming academical and social work in ILIRIA College takes into consideration the past of the student, the current work and it prepares for the future challenges;
•Because the student is secure upon his/her knowledge;
•Because the strategic family investment for schooling their child in ILIRIA College, returns in a multiply way;
•Because here the humanly culture is valued and noticed, as much as the level of expertise of new cadres;
•Because the environment that surrounds the student, stimulates and motivates the student toward a success;
•Because the latest technology in use, it is just one of the indicators of west –possibilities of our students;
•Because here is done the greatest investment for the wellbeing of the student


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ILIRIA College honored Philip Kotler with the title “Doctor Honoris Causa”