Lum Jean Monnet University

The LUM Jean Monnet University was founded in 1995 by Senator Joseph Degennaro. From the outset, the teachers selected were among the most well known and prestigious Italian and foreign professors working at the time, while the teaching and planning of the courses favoured strict attention to usability and quality. The first steps were geared towards the values that would embody the entire history of the University and move with the experience and enthusiasm of academics and people of culture and business, which has gaven the teaching body training and research a direction that has allowed its students to achieve important goals.

In 1996, the LUM received recognition from the Action Jean Monnet - European Commission in Brussels - as the site of Chairs, permanent courses and teaching modules, aimed at spreading the culture of European integration. During the years, a succession of influential personalities in the world of research, qualified professionals as well as teaching staff at LUM have testified to the constant commitment of providing high-profile training.

In 2000, the LUM obtained legal recognition from the Ministry of Education, University and Research, constituting of two faculties: Economics and Law.
In recent years increasing attention has been paid to internationalization by the conclusion of academic and scientific agreements with foreign Universities located in Europe, Latin America and Asia.
The future of the University is yet to be written: pages that will tell of the pride and passion of those who participated in the difficult quest to build upon progress with the power of ideas.

Kolegji ILIRIA

ILIRIA College is a private institution of higher education established since 2000 in Prishtina, Kosovo. It is a degree awarding higher education institution, accredited by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency and licensed by the Government of Kosovo. ILIRIA College constantly engages local and international academics, full-time academic and research staff in order to grow enhanced and interactive studies.

It currently has over 10 000 students. It offers degree programs in both Bachelor and Masters, and it conducts research and provides teachings in the fields of: Business and Economics, Law, International Relations and Diplomacy, Computer Sciences and Health management, Media Communication and more. Its management structure and programs are in conformity with the standards of European Higher Education Area.

Additionally, ILIRIA College has its own Research Institute (ISR- Institute for Scientific Research) and its own NGO (CESD-Center for Economic and Social Development) where qualified researchers and employees are engaged in conducting scientific research in different fields and in organizing conferences and publication of journals, development of local businesses, partnership with foreign businesses, support for entrepreneurial initiatives, professional training, and promotion of critical thinking of the society for further consolidation of democracy in the region. ILIRIA College through its scientific journal, ILIRIA International Review, publishes hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific papers. Besides, ILIRIA College has its own Radio (Radio +) and its own Television (Next Television).

ILIRIA College is constantly devoted at engaging students and professors on non-formal and mobility activities for better developing their career skills, in order to grow and foster a competitive labour market that generates smart, sociable, innovative and contemporary jobs which help country, the region and the world on a sustainable growth.

About the Program

Week-long intensive course on
- Multilevel Constitutionalism and Dialogue among Courts
- EMU, Conditional Policies and National Fiscal Sovereignity

Mutual knowledge of legal cultures
Education and multiculturalism

Legal and Economic Foundations of the European Union.
a) Multilvevel Constitutionalism and Dialogue among Courts;
b) Conditional Policies;
c) Monetary Union and National Fiscal Sovereignty;
d) Intergration Processes of Western Balkans in the EU.

General information
Director of the Summer School
Prof. Antonello Tarzia
LUM Jean Monnet - ILIRIA successfully implemented the Summer School 2015

ILIRIA College in cooperation with the University LUM Jean Monnet (Bari, Italy) successfully implemented the Summer School from 06-12 July 2015. The Summer School was led by Prof. Dr. Antonello Tarzia, professor at LUM Jean Monnet (Bari, Italy) and Bocconi University, Milan, Italy. Also five other professors from Italy and two from the region lectured in the Summer School 2015.

Students from France, Italy and the region attended this school. The program of this school included topics about Legal and Economic Foundations of European Union, with a focus on: Constitutional Principles and Common Constitutional Traditions, EU as Human Rights, Conditioning Politics, Monetary Union and Integrating Processes of Western Balkan to the European Union.

Beside this, through this school students expanded their international professional network as well as they received a certificate of ILIRIA College and Università Jean Monnet and also they were awarded with transferable ECTS Credits.