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Timeline of application: 29th December, 2014 until  30th April, 2015
ILIRIA INTERNATIONAL REVIEW is an internationally indexed scientific journal, with German ISSN (2192-7081), published by ILIRIA College (Kosovo) in cooperation with Felix – Verlag (Germany). The subjects, which ILIRIA INTERNATIONAL REVIEW elaborates, have always been a focus of interest for a broad specter of academic-scientific community. Therefore, our journal encompasses contributions from a wide range of disciplines.
ILIRIA INTERNATIONAL REVIEW publishes original papers, which convey innovative and relevant knowledge in scientific advancement. Papers must be original and should contribute to the advancement of knowledge in a certain field of study.
Our review’s objective is to publish original works, which demonstrate authenticity, topicality and relevance to a certain field of study. Submitted papers should be fully documented reports of original research. Papers, in order to be critically evaluated, must contain a significant and original observation.
Plagiarism is prohibited and if found, it shall be reported to the respective authorities.  Papers must be clear, concise and comprehensible. The author or authors are responsible for the content of papers submitted, and for any opinions expressed therein. Peer review of submitted papers will be conducted by international peer reviewers, in order to exercise quality control, whereby the review’s coordinators send the papers to two international peer-reviewers for the same given scientific area.
• Papers submitted to the Review should not have been previously published nor submitted for current consideration;
• If papers are chosen for publication, the authors shall be required to give the authorship rights to ILIRIA College (as publication authority of IIR);
• From the moment of paper submission, until the final response of acceptance/refusal/pending, the authors shall not be allowed to withdraw their papers;
• Papers shall be submitted to review’s coordinators at: [email protected];
• Papers must be typewritten, paper size A4, line-spaced 1.0, font size 12, Times New Roman. Included in the papers must be the abstract, list of cited (only cited references), and tables, if any. The standard form of abstract can be downloaded from the official webpage of the review or on request, sent by review’s coordinators;
• The Scientific Journal “ILIRIA INTERNATIONAL REVIEW” shall publish only one paper by the same author per edition;
• Papers should be organized properly and rightfully titled. The first page should comprise: an introduction (including the title of paper, name(s) of author(s), a link to institutions and addresses for correspondence, an e-mail address, short  optional title(s) and three to five keywords); the second page should include the title of the paper and abstract, followed by the content of the paper;
• All papers must be paginated;
• Papers should be submitted in electronic copy, typed in Microsoft Word;
• If there are any images, authors must submit original electronic copies of the images, in JPG format; Images should be clear and easily readable;
• Paper should be structured addressing the main topic, further elaborated and clearly subdivided in the following way: 1; 1.1; 1.1.2; 2; 2.1; 2.1.2 etc., in order to ensure that all sub-topics are a reflection of the main problem and the issue addressed, as an integral part of the main topic;
• It is required that the whole elaboration of the topic is made within frameworks of the main topic, while all matters relevant or referred to, are presented in footnotes and references. Footnotes should be used and indicated in superscript consecutively throughout the text, while quotations should be made within the text. References should be listed in full at the end of the paper;
• Papers should be sent either via e-mail to [email protected], or in a CD at the following address:

ILIRIA College
Gazmend Zajmi 75,
10060 Prishtina,
Republic of Kosovo

* Papers should be submitted in English.
* Papers are also accepted in Albanian but translation charges will apply.

Looking forward to Your valuable scientific contribution.

Call for Papers 2015/1